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It Could Happen To You (by shanebitneycrone)

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Sweet Brown- House Fire, No time for bronchitis (by TheEliteWay)

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this is so racist

this is so racist

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I’m still gathering my thoughts…..I don’t know what to think I really don’t! It’s actually kinda sad when you think about it! 1BHF: American Family Cries Over CHICKEN! (2009) (by therazorsedge28)

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(Source: youtube.com)

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This shit brought me to tears…the amount of ignorance and strong convictions. ABC News / What Would You Do?: Dad Rejects Daughter’s Black Boyfriend (by TrueCrimeStories)

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Zimmerman’s 9-1-1 call… 

Want to be even more outraged than you already are?  Pay attention to the 2:21 to 2:23 mark… 

And seriously?  Zimmerman looks more sketchy than Trayvon ever could.

Also - what the hell?  Any time you report a “crime” or witness alleged questionable antics or behaviour, call 9-1-1, whatever, at least in Houston, Harris County, Texas, whatever, the police have to speak with you once they’ve checked things out.   Apparently this policy isn’t the same in Florida, because they ask if Zimmerman wants the police to talk to him after they investigate?  Seriously?  Because, anyone’s mental state / personal quirks / personal animosity / ignorance can come into play when you’re reporting “suspicious behaviour” that’s why the cops / sheriff have to take into account who is placing the call and their mindset, as well… I never thought anyone could make Texas look good in this aspect, but bravo, Florida… bravo. 

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The past few days, I’ve been covering the story of Trayvon Martin, for The Young Turks on Current TV.  

If you are not familiar with the Martin case, he’s the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a man named George Zimmerman, as the teenager made his way home with a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea.

The controversial shooting happened nearly three weeks ago in Sanford, Florida.  However, there are a lot of questions that have yet be answered in this case.   Zimmerman, a self appointed neighborhood watch commander, has never been arrested or charged in the incident.  As the investigation continues, the controversy around the case grows.   It’s a case that is steaming with charges of racism (Trayvon is black and was unarmed, Zimmerman was packing heat and is white). 

Today, a co-producer of mine spotted this video clip on the Miami Herald website.    This exchange is from a recent press conference with Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton:

Male Reporter:  Tell Me About Trayvon’s normal demeanor.  Was he a happy kid?  Was he a serious kid?

Trayvon’s Mother:  Normal demeanor is happy.  He’s listening to music, He’s talking on the phone friends, with girls,  he is watching sports on TV.. uhm.. he’s eating.

(Believed to be) Female reporter:  Chicken?

Trayvon’s Mother:  He’s eating everything.

Unidentified Man (off camera):  Whatever’s in the fridge.

Trayvon’s Mother:  Everything.

Yes— a woman who appears to be a female reporter actually asked Trayvon’s mother if her son liked to eat chicken.  Perhaps a better question would have been “what were his favorite foods?”  Or better yet, say nothing at all.

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I Care Official Video (by DONNIEduRIGHT)

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If the world knows who Joseph Kony is, it will unite to stop him. It starts here.
Watch the video: Kony 2012
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Teacher Charged After Filming Himself Playing “Lollipop Game” With Second-Grader

FRESNO, CA – Yeah, it’s as disgusting as you think it is. Neng Yang, a teacher at Freedom Elementary since 2007, has been accused of blindfolding a 7-year-old girl and tricking her into giving him oral sex in what he called “the lollipop game.”

The 43-year-old got busted after the girl’s alert mother arrived at the school early and noticed that neither her daughter nor her teacher, Yang, were outside with the rest of her class participating in PE.

When her daughter got out of school and into the car, her mother asked why she and Yang were not with the rest of the class and her daughter explained that she had been playing the lollipop game. When asked what kind of game this was, the girl explained that Yang would blindfold her in a darkened, locked classroom and have her suck on different lollipops. If she guessed the flavor, then they moved on to the next lollipop. If she didn’t, well then she kept on sucking until she did.

Mortified, the mother immediately went to authorities. The second-grader told them she was often held back during lunch, recess or PE in order to play the game with Yang. She said that she was always blindfolded so she couldn’t see the lollipops, but did describe having to sit on the edge of a chair and having to lean forward. She also said that while sucking on the lollipops, her face would often touch his clothes and that she could hear Yang using his cell phone while they played

Based on this information, police retrieved items from Yang’s classroom including his school-issued computer. When Yang was questioned, he denied ever playing the game with the girl, but a detective confiscated his cell phone anyway. Investigators would find images of adult bestiality on the school computer that included sex with horses, dogs and squirrels. They would also find some teen orientated porn… wait a minute… squirrels?

Read the rest here and watch the news report

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